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The Mission of the Universal DanceSport (UDS) is to promote consistency and quality within a circuit of independent promoters of Dancesport Competitions for both the DanceSport Athletes and the Pro/Am competitors. The ultimate goal is that of ensuring fairness for competitors while providing more opportunites for Organizers, Judges and Competitors to participate in dancesport competition.

Additionally, we like to encourage the energy of the collegiate dance network. We will be hosting a leaderboard specifically for college students. Any collegiate event hosted on our system will automatically be included in the circuit.


♦ Guarantee those invested in the competition business have a voice in the rules and regulations governing their events.
♦ Guarantee to competitors that our events are consistent, fair, and of high quality.
♦ Provide a substantial list of highly qualified judges that helps ensure the quality and fairness of competition.
♦ Prohibit no one from participating in events based on race, religion, age, sex, or participation in any other ballroom dance association.