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Leaderboard points are earned by individual competitors at participating events.
They are awarded based on a simple formula for each event danced
Earn Up to 7 points for overall placement, add one point for each round danced, multiplied by the number of dances.
Points will expire after one year. So the May 10, 2020 leaderboard will not include May 9, 2019 points.
Skill: Style: List By:
ProAm Leaderboard
1Pamela Hamilton180
2Toni Moore83
3Scott Roberts78
4Carolyn Kurzeja50
5Pam Effinger48
6Cynthia Root47
7Lynn Martin44
8Patti Mellow40
9Cheryl Orr39
10Ronna LeJeune38
11Cynthia Gast37
12Sara Reeder35
13Ellen Ichinose35
14Jessica Moore32
15Aleksander Migdalski32
16Francis Burzik30
17Kathy Laughlin28
18Shannon Norman25
19Kristine Fisher25
20Noli Boado25
21Olivia Hart21
22Christina Ang20
23Betty Anthony19
24Jenette Morrison19
25Emerson Keely18
26Marty Trbovich18
27Paula Mcgee17
28Pat Pogue16
29Mark Lohrding14
30Allison Summers14
31Maria Viviano13
32Catherine Burzik12
33Margel Brooks12
34Jak Sanders10
35Amanda Bivans10
36Gaielle Harb10
37Yashwanth Manjunath9
38Caidi Phillips9
39Michael Ferrer7
40Cheyenne Henley6
41Murlene Deville5
42Jerica Snowden5